Appendix A

Tests related to problem solving:

    201. Test of higher mental ability in science by D.N.Sansanwal and Anuradha Joshi:
    The test contains 20 items meant for high school studennts. It is based on Bloom's cognitive domain and assesses four levels of development namely application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation

    202. Problem solving ability test by L.N.Dubey (Hindi/English) for 12 to 17 years:
    For 12 to 17 years students of either sex, standardized on 1640 students.

    203. Pasi-Usha test of creative problem solving bt B.K.Passi and Usha Kumar (English/Hindi):
    PUTCPS can be used with children and adult for measuring their creative problem solving ability. It is applicable in screening students for admission to design courses and also to assess the creative poblem solving ability of designers in different organiztions.

    204: Concept Achievement (Formation) Test by M. Rajamanickam.
    The model of this test to some extent was based on Heibreder's concept attaintment test. The 48 pictures of the test are brought under six sets adn in each set there are 8 pictures which bleong to different categories. Test is satisfactorily relaible and valid.

    205. Concept Attainment Test by Anuradha Joshi and Ratnamala Arya (Hindi/English)

    206: Reading Comprehension Test by P. Ahuja and G. C. Ahuja (English):
    It is based on close procedure for classes 8th, 9th and 10th. I tcontains a test passage with 50 gaps to be filled in.

    Achievement Tests

    207. General Classroom Achievement Test by A. K. Singh and A. Sen Gupta (Hindi/English)

    Value Tests:

    208.value Test by R.K. Ojha (Hindi/English)

    209. Personal values questionnaire by G.P. Sherry and R.P.Verma (Hindi/English):

    210.Comprehensive Value Scale by K. G. Agarwal.(Hindi/English):

    211. Value Conflict Scale by R. L. Bharadwaj (Hindi/English)

    212: Value Orientation Scale by N. S. Chauhan and S. Aurora etc. (Hindi/English)

    213. Career and family value scale by N.S Chauhan and S. Surora (Hindi/English):

    214: Moral values scale by Alpana Sengupta and Arun Kumar Singh (Hindi/English):


    Tests related to Parent Child relationship and Home Environment

    215.Family Relationship Inventory by G. P. Sherry and J. C. Sinha (Hindi/English)

    216.Parenting Child relationship scale by Nalini Rao (Hindi/English).

    217.Family scales by Bhatnagar and M.R.Rastogi (Hindi/English)

    218.Multi dimensional parenting scale by N.S. Chauhan and C.P.Khokhar (Hindi/English)

    219. MohiteHome Environment Inventory by Prerana Mohite (English)

    220. Parenting scale (P scale) by R.L. Bhardwaj (Hindi/English)

    221. Home Environment Inventory by S.K. Mishra (Hindi/English)

    222. Family environment scale by Harpreet Bhatia and N.K.Chadha (English)

    223. Family Pathology scale by V.Veeraraghavan and A. Dogra (Hindi/English )

    Tests related to Interpersonal relationship and maturity scales

    224.Conformity Behaviour by S.N. Rai. (Hindi/English)

    225. Behaviour Orientation Scale by Praveen Kumar Jha (Hindi/English)

    226.Perceived Loneliness Scale by Praveen Kumar Jha (Hindi/English)

    227.Dimensions of Friendship Scale by S. Chandna and N.K. Chadha(English)

    228.Malin's Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS) by J. Bharath Raj (English) -Indian adaptation

    229.Rao's Social Maturity Scale by Nalini Rao (Hindi/English)

    230.Social Competence Scale by V.P. Sharma, Prabha Shukla and Kiran Shukla (Hindi/English)

    231.Emotional Maturity Scale by Y. Singh and M. Bhargava (Hindi/English)

    232. Emotional stability test for children by A. Sengupta and A.K.Singh

    233.Emotional Competence Scale R. Bharadwaj and H. Sharma.(Hindi/English)

    234.Moral Judgement Test by Durganand Sinha and Meera Varma (Hindi/English)

    Tests related to Socio-Economic status scale & Measure related to social situations

    235.Prolonged Deprivation Scale by G. Misra and L.B. Tripathi (Hindi/English)

    236.Socio-Economic Status Scale by Meenakshi Sharma (Hindi/English)

    237. Socio Economic Status Scale by Rajeev Bharadwaj (Hindi/English)

    238. Socio-Economic Status Scale by Rajbir Singh, Radhety Shyam and Satish Kumar (Hindi/English)

    239. Socio-Economic Status Schedule by T.S. Sodhi and G.D. Sharma (English)

    240.Kakkar Socio-Economic Status Scale by S.B. Kakkar (English)

    Tests related to self -concept and self related variables

    241.Personality Differential by K. G. Agarwal (Hindi/English)

    242.Self Concept list rating scale by Pratibha Deo (Hindi/English)

    243.Self Concept check list method by Prathibha Deo (Hindi/English)

    244. Self Concept Questionnaire by R.K.Saraswat(Hindi/English)

    245.Children's concept scale by S.P.Ahluwali (Hindi/English)

    246.Kakkar Self Acceptance Inventory by S. B. Kakkar (English)

    247.Scales Measuring Self Perception by K. G. Agarwal (Hindi/English)

    248.Self Control Scale by A. K. Singh and Alpana Sengupta (Hindi/English)

    249.Sinha Self Disclosure Inventory by Virendra Sinha (Hindi/English)

    Tests related to Impulsiveness, Frustration and Anxiety scales

    250. Singh personal stress source inventory by Arun Singh, Ashish K.Singh and Arpana Singh

    251.Reactions to frustration scale by Dixit and D.N. Srivastava (Hindi/English)

    252.Measurement of frustration tolerance by S.N. Rai (Hindi/English)

    253.State trait anxiety test - MAP series (English)

    254.Sinha's comprehensive anxiety scale by A.K.P. Sinha and L.N.K. Sinha (English/Hindi)

    255. Comprehensive anxiety scale by S.H. Sharma, R.L. Bahradwaj and M. Bhargava (Hindi/ English)

    256. IPAT anxiety scale by Cattell, S.E. Krug and I.H. Scheier (English)

    257. Sexual anxiety scale by P.Kumar (Hindi/English)

    258. Death anxiety scale by Upinder Dhar, Savita Mehta and Santosh Dhar (Hindi/English)

    259. Fear of personal death scale by Rajamanickam (Englsih)

    260. Academic anxiety scale for children by A.K.Singh and A.Senugupta (Hindi/English)

    261. Test anxiety scale by V.P.Sharma (Hindi/English)

    Tests related to Neuro psychological assessment

    262. P. G. I. Battery of Brain Dysfunction by D. Pershad and S. K. Verma (Hindi/English)

    263. Medico-Psychological Questionnaire by J. Bharath Raj (English)

    264. P.G.I Battery for assessment of mental efficiency in the elderly by Adarsh Kohli, S.K.Verma and D. Pershad (Hindi/English)

    265. Psycho Physiological State inventory by Sanjay Vohra (English)

    266. Presumptive stressful life event scale by Gurmeet Singh, Dalbir Kaur and H.Kaur (English)

    267. P.G.I.Memory scale by D.Pershad and N.N.Wig (Hindi/English)

    268. P.G.I. health questionnaire by S.K.Verma, N.N.Wig and D.Pershad (Hindi/English)

    269. Mental Health Battery by A. K. Singh and Alpana Sengupta (Hindi/English)

    270. Cornell Medical Index Health Questionnaire by N. N. Wig, D. Pershad and S. K. Verma (Hindi/English)

    271. Mental Health Check List by Pramod Kumar (Hindi/English)

    272. Neuropsychological battery by Dr. C.Mukundan

    Tests related to Teaching-learning situations

    273. Attitude Scale towards teaching professional by Umme Kulsum (English)

    274. Teacher Freezing Scale by Haseen Taj (English)

    275. Mukhopadhyaya's Change Proneness Inventory by M. Mukhopadhyaya (English)

    276. Students Liking Scale by S. P. Malhotra and B. K. Passi (Hindi/English)

    277. Teacher Rating Scale by R. C. Deva (English)

    278. General Teaching Competency Scale by B. K. Passi and M. S. Lalitha (English)

    279.Indore Teaching Assessment Scale by B. K. Passi, M. Deshmukh and S. K. Sharma (English)

    280.Training of Feedback Donor by B. K. Passi and Archana Dubey (English)

    281. Teacher Effectiveness Scale by Umme Kulsum (English)

    282. Indore teacher's job satisfaction by Meena Buddisagar Rathod and Madhulika Varma (Hindi/English)

    283. Teacher values Inventory by S. P. Ahluwalia (Hindi/English)

    284. A study of the teacher's reaction to frustrations in school situationsteacher's form by M.K.Goyal (Hindi/English)

    285.Teacher's Job Satisfaction Scale by Mudgil, Muhar and Bhatia (English)

    286. Job Satisfaction Scale by Meera Dixit (Hindi/English)

    287. Kakkar Fitness for Training Scale by S. B. Kakkar (English)

    288. Study involvement inventory by Asha Bhatnagar (Hindi/English)

    289. Mangal Teacher adjustment inventory by S.K.Mangal (Hindi/English)

    290. Mangal teacher adjustment inventory (sort form) by S.K.Mangal (Hindi/English)

    291. School Environment inventory by K.S.Misra (Hindi/English)

    292. Administrative Behaviour Scale by Haseen Taj (English)

    293. Organization Health Description Questionnaire by Haseen Taj (English)

    294. Teacher's Participation in School Administration Scale by Haseen Taj (English)

    295.Style of Learning and Thinking by D. Venkataraman (English)

    296. Occupational aspiration scale by J.S.Grewal (Hindi/English)

    Tests related to Organizational and Management area

    297. Comprehensive scale of entrepreneurship by Sharma (English)

    298. Short employee scale by Ganguly (English)

    299. Long employee scale by Ganguly ( English)

    300. Organizational climate inventory Form 'B' by S. Chattopadhyaya and Agarwal (Hindi/English)

    301. Work Motivation Questionnaire by K. G. Agarwal (Hindi/English)

    302.Motivational Climate Scale by Santosh Dhar and Upindar Dhar (English)

    303.Delegation Effectiveness Scale by Krishna Agarwal. (English)

    304.Occupational Self Efficacy Scale by Sanjyot Pethe, Sushma Chaudhari and Upinder (Hindi/English)

    305.Managerial Creativity Scale by S. Jain, R. Jain and U. Dhar (Hindi/English)

    306.Learned Optimism Scale by S. Pathe, S. Chaudhari, S. Dhar and U. Dhar (Hindi/English)

    307.Leadership Effectiveness Scale by Haseen Taj (English/Hindi)

    308. Dhar & Pethe Leadership effectiveness scale by Upinder Dhar and Sanjyot Pethe (English)

    309.Team Effectiveness Scale by Upinder Dhar and Santosh Dhar (Hindi/English)

    310.Organizational Climate Scale by Sanjyot Pethe, Sushma Chaudhari and Upinder (Hindi/English)

    311.Job Value Questionnaire by Seema Sanghi (English)

    312.Job Involvement Scale by Santosh Dhar, Upinder Dhar and D. K. Srivastava (Hindi/English)

    313.Organizational Commitment Scale by Upinder Dhar, Prashanth Mishra and D. K. Srivastava (Hindi/English)

    314.Job Satisfaction Scale by Amar Singh and T. R. Sharma. (English/Hindi)

    315.Life Satisfaction Scale by Promila Singh and George Joseph (Hindi/English)

    316.The Occupational Stress Index by A. K. Srivastava and A. P. Singh (Hindi/English)

    317.Employee's Mental Health Inventory by Jagadish (Hindi/English)

    318.Environment Awareness Ability Measure by Praveen Kumar Jha (Hindi/English)

    319. Leadership behaviour scale by Asha Hinger (Hindi/English)

    320. Decision making style scale by Noorjehan N.Ganihar (English)

    321. Human Resource Development climate scale by Santhosh Dhar and Upinder Bhar (English)

    322. Managerial Effectiveness scale by Upinder Dhar and Santhosh Dhar (English)

    323. Cultural dimension scale by santhosh Sarkar (English)

    324. Humour effectiveness in advertising by Upinder Dhar (English)

    325. Scale for assessment of occupational health hazards by Suman Singh and Sushma Sinwal (Hindi/English)

    326.Cultural determination scale by N.S.Chauhan (Hindi/English)

    327. National integration questionnaire by S.C.Gakhar and Manjula Narola (English)

    328. Leadership prefernce scale by L.I.Bhushan (Hindi/English)

    329. Interpersonal exploitation scale by Sanjyot Pethe, Sushma Chaudari and Upinder Dhar (Hindi/English)

    330. Comprehensivescale of tension by R. L.Bharadwaj (Hindi/English)

    331. Prejudice scale by R.L.Bhardwaj (Hindi/English)

    332. Home Management Scale by Haseen Taj and M Hemalatha (Hindi/English)

    Scales related to environment measures

    333. Environment awareness ability measure by Praveen Kumar Jha (Hindi/English)

    334. Environment pollution attitude scale by M. Rajamanickam (English)

    335. Ecological attitude and cognitive scale by M.Rajamanickam( English)

    336. Air Pollution attitude scale by M.Rajamanickam (English)

    337.Temeprature attitude scale by M.Rajamanickam (English)

    338. Noise attitude scale by M.Rajamanickam (English)

    339. Environmental awareness scale by Haseen Taj (English)

    340. Environmental ethics scale by Haseen Taj (English)

    341. Taj environmental attitude scale by Haseen Taj

    342. Target dart test (grouping menthod) by M.Rajamanickam (Hindi/English)

    343. Target dart test (application method) by M.Rajamanickam (Hindi/English)

    344. Occupational aspirational scale by J.S.Grewal (Hindi/english)


    Tests related to measures of social change


    345. The modernization scale by R.S.Singh (Hindi/English)

    346. Comprehensive modernization inventory by S.P. Ahluwalia and A.K.Kalia (Hindi/English)

    347. Dimensions of rigidity scale by N.K.Chadha (English)

    Tests related to study habits

    348.Study habit inventory by Mukhopadhyaya and Sansanwal (Hindi/English)

    349. Study habit inventory by Palsane and Sharma (Hndi/english)

    350. Guidance needs inventory by J.S.Grewal and Meena Sharma (English)